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Newsroom / Enhanced Efficiency & Better Passenger Service
Enhanced Efficiency & Better Passenger Service
Case Study | July 01, 2019
Enhanced Efficiency & Better Passenger Service
Middle East
Intelligent Transportation
Bus Networking

When waiting at the bus stop, people can get the bus arrival time immediately. Smart cards and card readers make it easy for passengers to enjoy the convenience of paying for fares in an efficient way. When the bus approaches the next stop, display panels on buses show the information of upcoming destination. While commuting, passengers can also get free WiFi to make the  most of their time. For the sake of the passengers, the buses are under surveillance to ensure passengers’ safety at all times. All these things work smartly is due to data digitization and IoT.


A bus system in the Middle East carries thousands of passengers every day. To keep competitive, the bus company adopts IoT technology for a better passenger service. In the project, the bus system consists of a variety kinds of systems installed, such as video surveillance system, passenger information system and fare collection system. All these systems amass millions of different kinds of data. Therefore, the implementation of IoT with Antaira's product solution becomes crucial for the bus company to enhance the efficiency for a smart and better passenger service.


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