2-Port RS-232 + 1-port Parallel PCI Express Card, Low Profile (Support Power Over Pin-9)

Antraira Technologies MSC-202ALP1 is a multi port serial card that connects through the PCI Express I/O adapter. The 16C950-type UART provides high performance bi-directional parrel ports. For either client or server applications this multi port RS-232 serial card is perfect to provide instant COM port expansion through the PCI Express bus.

The MSC-202ALP1 is able to maintain backward compatibility with PCI applications as well as drivers. The architecture allows for high performance, point-to-point, scalable applications through a serial bus at a speed of 250Mbytes/sec to 4GBytes/sec.

The multiport serial card is fully PCI Express plug-and-play compatible and has no IRQ or I/O address conflict problems. The MSC-202ALP1 provides the scalability to quickly adapt to new PCI Express technologies allowing you to add serial and parallel connectivity as needed.

  • Full x1 PCI Express Throughput, 250Mbytes/sec
  • 2 RS232 and 1 Parallel Ports over an Octopus Cable
  • Supports 1 SPP/EPP/ECP Parallel Port Mode
  • 2 Fully 16C550 High performance UART channels
  • UARTs Fully Compatible with all Serial Devices
  • Provides 5V or 12V Power over Serial Connectors
  • Supports Hardware and Software Flow Control
  • Supports Slow IrDA on All Serial Ports
  • Supports Low Profile Form Factor with a Short Bracket
Package Content
  • MSC-202ALP1
  • CD Drivers/Utilities
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Octopus Cable
  • Standard & Low Profile Brackets
Optional Accessories
  • GC-F09F09-N
    Mini Gender Changer DB9 F/F Null Modem
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