Factory Automation / Process Automation
Process Automation
Process Automation

Each local process section in the pulp & paper industry is still integrated with a large amount of legacy serial-based equipment that is unequipped for an Ethernet network. In order to provide networking capability, an industrial serial device server can convert serial data into TCP/IP data to transmit through the Ethernet network.


Due to the influx of various measurement devices being incorporated into every process section, having a layer 2 industrial managed Ethernet switch can assure data routing within the local network. Built-in fiber optics can provide an efficient Ethernet infrastructure solution to cover large area distance concerns, prevent EMI, and provide network redundancy. In addition, some process areas can benefit from the latest high resolution PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) cameras. Industrial PoE Gigabit managed switches can have built-in PoE features and high bandwidth capabilities to perform real-time video streaming.

Process Automation
  • Extreme temperature and humidity concerns
  • Restricted process control areas
  • Real-time data transmission
  • Unpredictable EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) environment
  • High resolution PoE cameras for production monitoring
  • Low power voltage requirements
  • Extensive redundant network implementation
  • Harsh environment industrial-grade networking devices
  • Capability to connect legacy serial devices to TCP/IP network
  • High Ethernet port counts and bandwidth support
  • Fiber optics to prevent EMI and distance limitations
  • Reliable data routing with built-in network management software
  • Self-healing redundant network support
  • Shock & vibration resilience
  • High MTBF and wide temperature range support
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Rugged High Speed 4-port RS232/422/485 to 2-port 10/100TX Device Server. EOT: -40° ~ 80°C
7-Port Industrial PoE+ Gigabit Unmanaged Ethernet Switch, w/4*10/100/1000Tx (30W/Port), 1*10/100/1000Tx, + 2*100/1000 SFP Slot. 12~36V DC Power Input Support. EOT: -40° ~ 75°C
6-Port Industrial PoE+ Managed Ethernet Switches w/4*10/100Tx (30W/Port), and 2*100Fx, Multi-Mode 2 km. 12~36V DC Power Input Support. EOT: -40° ~ 75°C. (Hardware Version 2)