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Water/Wastewater Treatment / Water Pipeline Monitoring
Water Pipeline Monitoring
Water Pipeline Monitoring

Water is without a doubt the most precious resource in the world. Monitoring of the nation’s water transportation infrastructure is of vital importance for consumption, food production and power generation. Due to the massive and rugged geographical areas water pipelines traverse, direct human inspection of this water transportation system is challenging. Therefore, equipment such as flow meters, pressure gauges, vibration and moisture detectors are utilized for monitoring of our water supply. Monitoring stations placed along the water pipeline can provide remote access and surveying of larger geographical areas by fewer individuals. Data received from the monitoring equipment in the field can allow for better allocation of maintenance and service personnel. With more real-time information at the disposal of the command center team the whole system is able to operate more efficiently with less downtime.

Water Pipeline Monitoring
  • Remote locations contain extreme temperature and humidity concerns
  • Real-time data transmission between pipeline and control center
  • Fast response time to any issue or emergency
  • High MTBF network equipment to eliminate any downtime concerns
  • Ability to transmit data over long distances
  • Industrial grade networking devices to perform under harsh environments
  • Capability to monitor all distributed monitoring stations of a widely distributed water pipeline network
  • Reliable real-time data routing with built-in network management software
  • Alarms and Warnings to alert personnel of possible issues
  • Enable integration of video surveillance systems
  • Low voltage power input
  • Expandability
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6-Port Industrial Managed Ethernet Switch w/4*10/100Tx + 2*100Fx, Multi-Mode 2 km. (Hardware Version 2)
Rugged High Speed 4-port RS232/422/485 to 2-port 10/100TX Device Server. EOT: -40° ~ 80°C