To provide an effective means of transporting large populations safely and in a timely manner to their destinations, extensive data collection that is accurate, reliable and real-time is required. Therefore, the most critical component of a passenger rail’s automated system is its industrial networking infrastructure or backbone. This infrastructure connects components such as crosswalks, message display signs, PA systems, automated ticketing kiosks, train status displays, and cameras. Edge level network connections must be able to satisfy serial, Ethernet, fiber optic and wireless needs. All data from these edge devices need to be communicated in real-time between stations, traffic intersections, and other outside areas that may come into contact with the rail system. Due to heavy vibration, connectivity devices that utilize M12 connectors greatly mitigate the chances of lost connections. If there are failures within a segment of the infrastructure, the effects can quickly propagate causing delays.

  • Redundant network for 24/7 operation
  • Real-time data transmission
  • Electromagnetic Interference(EMI) environment
  • Industrial grade vibration resistance
  • Ability to transmit data over long distances
  • Wide temperature and humidity concerns
  • Antaira’s Industrial Managed Ethernet Switch Series provides layer 2 network management software allowing users to remotely monitor and manage the network. Managed switches provide standard features such as QoS, SNMP, IGMP, email alerts and IEEE 802.1Q. Additional PoE features, such as, remote PoE power management, and automatic end device power recovery can also be managed.
  • Antaira’s Industrial Serial Device Server Series provides multiple RS232/422/485 connections bridging legacy serial devices to transmit data bi-directionally by utilizing built-in Real COM software or a TCP socket function to remotely monitor from a control center.
  • Antaira’s Industrial Serial to Fiber Series provides a 1-port RS232/422/485 connection along with 2*100Fx fiber optic connections allowing for long distance communication with either daisy chain or redundancy capabilities to legacy serial devices still in place.

• Industrial grade networking devices to perform under harsh environments

• Self-healing network redundancy to prevent single points of failure

• Capability to monitor all equipment of a widely distributed transportation infrastructure

• Reliable real-time data routing with built-in network management software

• Enable integration of video surveillance systems

• Expandability

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