Video surveillance technology plays an important role in improving security at many facilities worldwide. Statistics have shown that 80% of criminal acts reported to police at public centers and business offices occur in parking lots. To deter vandalism, theft, and other crimes, facilities are deploying video surveillance as part of a full range of security measures to remotely monitor/access/control site equipment from a central location.


Compared with an indoor setting, parking lots impose several additional requirements on surveillance networks, particularly because these environments are often in remote locations and subjected to a wide range of temperatures due to the outdoor location. Industrial Ethernet switches that support wide operating temperatures and PoE capabilities can fulfill these types of requirements. Managed Ethernet switches will ensure the ability to remotely monitor access/control any equipment deployed in the parking lot from a central location.


Trenching or cabling wire from each camera in the parking lot back to the main building can be very expensive . Therefore, instead of physically trenching cable, wireless communication is the most cost efficient solution for sending video back to a central location.


Antaira's industrial managed ethernet switch series provides layer 2 network management software allowing users to remotely monitor and manage the network. Managed switches provide standard features such as QoS, SNMP, IGMP, and IEEE 802.1Q. Additional PoE features, such as, remote PoE power management and automatic end device power recovery can also be managed.


Antaira's industrial wireless (IEEE 802.11) series provides an IP67 waterproof rating and extended operating temperature design to support harsh outdoor wireless network applications. The unit’s omnidirectional antennas support connections from multiple directions simultaneously and are ideal in applications where the end device might provide movement.

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