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On-board Surveillance
On-board Surveillance

Equipping fleets with mobile video surveillance systems has become an essential part of the transportation industry. The presence of cameras onboard buses can not only deter fights, vandalism, robberies and assaults, but can also be used in investigations regarding traffic accidents. The reliability of the networking equipment is pertinent in order to transmit on-board security footage to a central location, therefore industrial grade products that are certified to operate under the constant shock and vibration environment of an on-vehicle application are required.


When an event occurs, control room operators at the bus depot will then be notified of the recorded event and will process requests for wireless transfer of video and other data when the bus arrives back at the depot. The data that is stored on the bus is automatically transferred wirelessly to the control room when the bus arrives back at the depot. For this wireless application, a wireless client is installed aboard each bus. While the buses come into the depot, each bus can connect with the IP67 rated access point and wirelessly download on-board security footage quickly and reliably.


In addition, power available on-vehicle is typically limited to 12VDC which can provide additional power challenges for PoE cameras, typically requiring 48VDC. Using voltage booster technology, an industrial grade PoE switch, designated with a -24, can use a low voltage input of 12~36VDC, and increase the power output to 48~55VDC required for PoE applications.

On-board Surveillance

Antaira's serial device server series provides a serial RS232/422/485 to TCP/IP Ethernet conversion that allows legacy serial equipment to make use of an Ethernet infrastructure for data transmission.


Antaira's industrial gigabit poe unmanaged ethernet switch series provides high gigabit bandwidth communication capable of supporting jumbo frames. Antaira’s line of PoE switches has low voltage input options (12~36VDC) that utilize voltage booster technology capable of providing high power, backwards compatible PoE (IEEE 802.3at) standard.


Antaira's industrial wireless (IEEE 802.11) series provides rugged solutions for mobile, on-vehicle, wireless networks to automatically transfer data wirelessly to a main infrastructure upon entering a designated area.

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2-Port RS-232/422/485 To Ethernet Device Server *** Power Supply Not Included ***