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Gate Monitoring
Gate Monitoring

Most secured facilities provide limited access to the general public. Traditionally these facilities relied heavily upon security guards to monitor traffic to and from the facility. Today, additional access control and security surveillance equipment is being implemented in order to improve efficiency and provide remote monitoring support to security guards.


In order to improve surveillance at the security gate, security equipment, such as PoE cameras, road blockers and badge readers might need to be added and connected to the network. Serial, fiber-optics, Ethernet and wireless are all different types of communication mediums that can be used to transport data from end security equipment to the network.


Obstacles such as distance, weather, and construction restrictions can provide limitations to how equipment can be connected. Laying hardwire cable or fiber optics from the security access gate to the main building can require expensive trenching and be time consuming. Therefore, wireless communication equipment would be the most efficient way to network devices from the main building’s control room to the security gate access location.

Gate Monitoring

Antaira’s serial device server series provide a serial RS232/422/485 to TCP/IP Ethernet conversion that allows legacy serial equipment to make use of an Ethernet infrastructure for data transmission.


Antaira’s industrial managed ethernet switch series provides layer 2 network management software allowing users to remotely monitor and manage the network. Managed switches also allow notifications of various events and warnings.


Antaira’s industrial wireless (IEEE 802.11) series provides a long range point-to-point pre-configured wireless bridge. Information such as username, password and SSID are provided to greatly reduce installation times.

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5-Port Industrial PoE+ Unmanaged Ethernet Switch, w/4*10/100Tx (30W/Port) + 1*10/100Tx. EOT: -40° ~ 75°C