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Corrosive substances are everywhere. When industrial networking products are installed under such environments, they may be under the insidious threats posed by corrosive substances. To prolong the product's lifespan, it is necessary to give them adequate protection. In terms of corrosion protection, if the units are not corrosion-proof, they are vulnerable to such harsh environmental conditions, accelerating the depreciation of the units. In order to improve their corrosive tolerance and even to prevent them from corrosion, Antaira Technologies provides Antaira Armor Series to greatly alleviate the deterioration that corrosive substances cause in such severe hazardous environments.

Corrosive Environments

Generally, marine and industrial environments, including geothermal fields, chemical plants and power plants are usually full of corrosive substances, such as fine particles of sea mist, sulfur compounds and various forms of chloride. In these kinds of environments, once industrial networking products are exposed to corrosive atmosphere, they are easily jeopardized due to chemical reactions triggered by corrosive substances.

On the other hand, when equipments have been operating in ambient air for a long time, moisture and oxygen cause corrosion on the metal surface of the products. Furthermore, in industrial environments sulfur dioxide from burning fossil fuels, dust particles as sulfurous acid or chloride are inevitable. These substances accelerate the corrosion process significantly. Although it is hard to classify the corrosive environments, some organizations, including ISA (International Society of Automation) and ISO (International Organization for Standardization) have standards, such as ISA Standard 71.04 and ISO 9223, gauging the corrosive potential of an environment.

ISA Standard 71.04
Corrosivity Level Typical Environment
G1 Mild Corrosion is not a factor in determining equipment reliability.
G2 Moderate Effects of corrosion are measurable and may be a factor in determining equipment reliability.
G3 Harsh High probability that corrosive attacks will occur. This harsh level should prompt further evaluation and result in environmental controls or specially designed and packaged equipment.
GX Severe ONLY specially designed and packaged equipment would be expected to survive.
ISO 9223
Corrosivity Level Typical Environment
C1 Very Low Dry Indoor
C2 Low Arid / Urban Inland
C3 Medium Coastal / Industrial
C4 High Calm Sea-Shore
C5 Very High Surf Sea-Shore
CX Extreme Ocean / Off-Shore

From the standards, manufacturers and users can determine what kind of environments is corrosive. In corrosive environments, it is highly likely that loss, contamination of product, high maintenance cost and considerable of redesign ensue from corrosion, malfunction and danger arise or even hinder technology progress.


For the best production quality, we spared no effort to meet the Ingress Protection (IP) and conformal coating standards. More importantly, before Antaira Armor Series are launched, we have the products go through salt spray and gas corrosion tests and are compliant with different testing standards to assure the consistent and good product quality.

  • Salt Spray Test: IEC 60068-2-11, IEC 60068-2-52
  • Gas Corrosion Test: IEC 60068-2-60
  • Conformal Coating: MIL‐I‐46058C, IPC-CC-830B,IEC61086-2 (Class 2), UL 94(V-0), UL 746E
  • Corrosive environment: ANSI/ISA-71.04 (G3-Harsh, GX-Severe), ISO 9223 (C5-Very High, CX-Extreme)
Antaira Armor Product Series

Antaira Armor Product Series, ranging from Industrial Unmanaged/ Managed and PoE/ Non-PoE Ethernet Switch, is the perfect solution for corrosion-related issues. Adoptting the cutting-edge anti-corrosion technology and undergoing a series of rigorous tests, the product series garantees a reliable industrial network under undetectable or imperceivable corrosion threats.

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